New Rules In The Making!

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Yes it is true. The rules are currently beeing fixed, re-written and perfected. We noticed that the current rulebook lacked on many areas for explaining gameplay. The battle system is also beeing revised and tested.

The things beeing worked over in the Alpha 1.2;

1) Adding a gameboard. The game is now gonna include a board with all the fields needed for the game play.
2) General cards. The Generals will now have a Stability value, that tells you how the amount of stability you start the game with. This is to make it easier to balance the General effects.
3) The rulebook is beeing revised in its design and in the order we discuss different rules, at the moment it can be confusing.
4) Something you would like to see added, removed or fixed? Please tell us about it.

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The Crew!

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And dont you forget it! And yes im fully aware of the design differences. Dont blame me for not having the original files. (Well you could since I was the one without a backup…)

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A post from the crew.

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What has it been now? A year? Have we forgot about it?

Hell no!

So what’s been going on in our smal world (also known as Sweden). Well firstly, my old computer died, with that, all the original card designs and written ideas. Many cards just POOF gone. Ofcourse we still have the rulebook here on the site, and thank goodness for that. To redo all that would be a major pain.
So what now? A major pain! The rules are beeing rewritten, a few game flaws will be fixed (most importantly the battle system). But thats not the only news for today. We have also decided to change our aim from a Trading Card Game to a Living Card Game.

A Living Card Game is basicly a card game/board game. You get a few decks in the original set, and you can buy expansion packs with new cards. This also means that we can change a couple of rules, add more information to General cards and so on. We may even make a printable gaming board. Seeing as how complex it is to keep in your head, we think that it would add alot to the game, not only looks.

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One Breath…

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…one post. Hello everyone! Even though every and one could be put into: The few that visist. 🙂 Me and Coffeh both now we’ve been a bit slow with this game, and updates just dont seem to happen?!

Well stay with us, even if it is a slow working process, its still something we will be looking into as soon as we have time. We will do our best do evolve the story and game. 🙂

Best Regards – Nurgleprobe

Urge Card Design

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It’s finaly here! The urge card layout, i know you’ve all been waiting for it. And before you ask, yes that IS our own resident Nurgleprobe in the card 🙂
More info and walkthru after the jump Continue reading ‘Urge Card Design’

Hello Urge Lovers

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Hello everyone that still sticks around checking our blogg now and then. Did I mention that we love that you keep coming back here to look for updats? Thank you!

Anyway, its time to get back, after sickness and having alot to do at the University. Im back to make a few updates on whats going on. Lets start on whats gonna happen in the near future:

1. New Card Design! – A completle new design that will be final. We will love if you comment on this.

2. Race Update – Did they need icons? Yes, they need icons. The ones currently in use will be updated and revised.

3. Story Update – A short story from the Urge universe? Oh yes!

Other then that I wanna send out a headsup to all that have been in contact with us about artwork. We’re gonna contact you when the time comes closer to acctual card beeing designed.

Thank you for keeping yourself updated!



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Hello everyone.

So whats going on in Urge world? At the moment we are: Still working on a new card design, inputs on the one already in this blog would be very helpfull.
So Coffeh is hard at work. And were looking for artwork/artists. If anyone have something to give us for the Alpha version of the game, we’re grateful.
Observe that we’re not gonna use it until the card design is done and we have cardrulings for two test decks! Artwork for the races.