More then one design?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been sitting here thinking about Urge. How to make the rules better and evolve the game. Ofcourse at the same time Im working on several other game ideas. Coffeh isnt around right now, but I was thinking about making this an acctual developers blog. Urge beeing the collective name of our work, but having several games under that title. Urge beeing our trademark to bring them togehter.

That would also mean there could be activity on here about new and different games, ofcourse always keeping the main focus on the Urge Game. So what do you think? Should we show you more of our individual and gathered work? Or simply keep this to the Urge Game.

Hmm. Will have to discuss this further with Coffeh.

@Urge Developer’s Blog


~ by Nurgleprobe on December 18, 2009.

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