Design is a process.

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a small update. Redesigning a game and its mechanics. Takes time! We feelt that the battle system was completle wrong for what we wanted to achieve, it wasent a system were you’re actions would give consequences. Basicly you attacked with what you had, and that was it.
The game is also board oriented, which gives us a WHOLE NEW world to explore gaming wise. What can we do the board, should it be used in more ways then before, are certain cards now not needed?

As you may understand this takes time. We have a few great ideas in storage, we just need to figure out what works best for URGE. We still want it to focus on beeing a card game so that will still be in there. So updates will be coming now and then with new rules and game ideas.

Until next time URGE fans.



~ by Nurgleprobe on December 15, 2009.

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