New Rules In The Making!

Yes it is true. The rules are currently beeing fixed, re-written and perfected. We noticed that the current rulebook lacked on many areas for explaining gameplay. The battle system is also beeing revised and tested.

The things beeing worked over in the Alpha 1.2;

1) Adding a gameboard. The game is now gonna include a board with all the fields needed for the game play.
2) General cards. The Generals will now have a Stability value, that tells you how the amount of stability you start the game with. This is to make it easier to balance the General effects.
3) The rulebook is beeing revised in its design and in the order we discuss different rules, at the moment it can be confusing.
4) Something you would like to see added, removed or fixed? Please tell us about it.

@Urge Developer’s Blog


~ by Nurgleprobe on December 13, 2009.

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