A post from the crew.

What has it been now? A year? Have we forgot about it?

Hell no!

So what’s been going on in our smal world (also known as Sweden). Well firstly, my old computer died, with that, all the original card designs and written ideas. Many cards just POOF gone. Ofcourse we still have the rulebook here on the site, and thank goodness for that. To redo all that would be a major pain.
So what now? A major pain! The rules are beeing rewritten, a few game flaws will be fixed (most importantly the battle system). But thats not the only news for today. We have also decided to change our aim from a Trading Card Game to a Living Card Game.

A Living Card Game is basicly a card game/board game. You get a few decks in the original set, and you can buy expansion packs with new cards. This also means that we can change a couple of rules, add more information to General cards and so on. We may even make a printable gaming board. Seeing as how complex it is to keep in your head, we think that it would add alot to the game, not only looks.

Over and Out.



~ by Nurgleprobe on December 13, 2009.

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