Urge Card Design


It’s finaly here! The urge card layout, i know you’ve all been waiting for it. And before you ask, yes that IS our own resident Nurgleprobe in the card 🙂
More info and walkthru after the jump Welcome back!
Let’s take a little time to walk thru the various aspects of the card, and what they’ll meen for you, the player.

1_name1Okay, so this is the name, it’s purpose is to tell you what the name of the card is. Allso notice the rounded beveled corner. the top left area of this image be physicly cut out of the card when its printed.

2_raceThis is the race icon. Its located in the upper right corner of the card, inorder for you to easily see what race it is. allso notice the colour, its red. and as you can see on the larger preview picture, the entire border is red. This ofcourse correlates. its allso away to tell you what race the perticular card is. So both the race logo and border colour will change on other races cards. This one is for The Servatius 🙂

3_illustratorAnd this area, right under the units illustration, and above the text areas. Tells you A: the illustrators name. In this case its Nurgleprobe himself, taking a picture, of himself.  And also the unique identification number of this card and series. This is AE-001, AlphaEdition 001. so the first card in the alpha edition series. of course this card will never go in to production (sorry nurgle)

4_attackThis icon, (can be seen in the bottom half of the right side of the card) is the attack icon, the number to the right of it indicates the amount of damage this unit will make.

5_defenceThis is the defence icon, and indicates the amount of damage the unit can take before it’s thrown in the graveyard.

6_explosionThis icon is the explosive icon, and indicates the amount of explosive damage it does. More on explosive damage can be read in the rules. And by the way, this is by far my favorite icon.

7_stabilityThis is the stability icon, also a cost icon. And this is the one im least sattisfied with. But it’s not shit, its not msn.

8_costAnd this icon indicates the actual cost to play the card.

Thats all for now folks, any questions? dont be afraid to email or give a comment!



~ by coffeh on January 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Urge Card Design”

  1. Hey i almost look like that!

  2. Are you gonna make money on this, mr Coffeh? 🙂

  3. Haha we’ll see deb, hopefully =)

  4. RealGobi kortet som kommer snart, kommer att äga dig lätt! Akta dig så ja inte drar upp de på tåget nångång!!

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