Artists Needed

Hello all artists, photographers, art fans, designers, people and ofcourse everyone else!

At the very moment were looking for artists that would like to submit their artwork for our cards. The name of the artist will be on the acctual cards their artwork is on, and we will add a part to the blog were links to portfolios and information is posted about the artist.

If anyone is intrested. Please contact Nurgleprobe Or Coffeh (Check The Contact Page). Or just simply leave your mail in a comment and we will contact you. 

Observe: At this point, this is not something that is making us money in anyway, its a hobby and a game were working on that we might publish in the future. If this would happen we would come with a new agreement with all the artists ofcourse.

Aditional Info:
At this point were in a real need of a design of the diffrent races, mostly The Servatius and The Omega Elders. Read up on the races (available in the rules), and contact us if you have a design or idea that would fit the race.

Thanks for showing intrest!



~ by Nurgleprobe on December 25, 2008.

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