Race Summary

A small outtake from the Rulebook. All work in progress.


The fleet that left earth several years ago to find hope out in the darkness we know as space. It seems as though the further the human race travel thru space, they become more desperate and violent. As far as our own history goes humans may just be the most violent race in void of space. The Earth Fleet is now in conflict with the ones known as The Omega Elders. The conflict itself is about a few planets inhabited by the Servatius. The humans wants to take control and gain the benefits of new supplies and the Omega Elders wants to keep control of something thats always been theirs.



For more than twenty generations, the Servatius have lived for one single cause. To farm the planets they own and try to live as peacefully as they possibly can. Though their muscular bodies and their bodies’ size seems to say more than that, but it’s all because of the constant working. The Servatius is now in the middle of the conflict between The Earth Fleet and The Omega Elders. As the farmers that will work for the winners, they stand their ground and try to keep out of the conflict, but the few rebels that existed, gathered arms and took up the fight for a life in freedom.



Not much is known about the Omega Elders, they have been the rulers of the Servatius for a long time, long before a culture formed within the Servatius community. The Omega Elders are tall creature, with a very noble approach when it comes to deal with their business, instead of wars, they take conflicts of arms. Instead of truce, they will find peace. Where a race is weak, they will find power.






~ by Nurgleprobe on December 24, 2008.

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